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PC Games that are the basis for creating other games (Part 1)

Naturally, with the introduction of the first graphics chips such as 3DFX cards, and then nVidia Riva, it is possible to significantly increase the performance of computer systems in terms of three-dimensional structural modeling and many games. Play using advanced technology has been continued. For example, the sequel released Quake, Unreal, Doom, etc.

But the main event was the launch of the cult in today’s Half-Life game. It was a real breakthrough. It was this shooter that later served as a prototype to create new developments based on its unique engine.

How not to remember now one of the most popular games called Counter Strike? But it was originally based on a Half-Life engine, and it also had many branches like the Oppting Force and more modern versions. By the way, Half-Life games recently received a second birth.

Moreover, many of the best shooters are no longer a single type of task and involve team actions, and use of online communication technologies, team transfers and strict decentralization in the team itself (which is what the Team Viewer program or technology uses in the RaidCall package).

Best PC shooter: hybrid version

For considering the so-called hybrid version, here it is worth living separately on the technology. The fact that they get the unwritten name due to two main aspects: switching the vision mode (from first person or third person) and switching the game alone, with a team or with the installed bots. Please, with the latest version of the actual Tournament, Quake IV, Far Cry – they all have such mods.

Modern modification of shooters

In addition to all of the above, it’s worth noting that now and, as it is known, the most modern shooters on PC have one special feature: they have several user modes. In particular, this applies to head-to-head games.

For example, you can choose deathmatch, when the battle takes place between only two players in real time. Please, same Quake III: Arena or the fourth part of the actual Tournament designed exclusively for online matches. Although you can use single tasks, but from the perspective of modernity, this turned out to be uninteresting and boring occupation.

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Top 6 addictive Online Games to try on PC (Part 2)

4. World of Tanks

World of Tanks is an online game released by Wargaming. In the game you will be able to control armored fighting vehicles (tanks, anti-tank guns, self-propelled guns …) to fight with your teammates.

The rules of the game will depend on each game screen, be it destroying the entire enemy team, or successfully occupying the enemy base. If you are bored with regular shooting games then World of Tanks will be a game worth playing for you to try.

5. Blade and Soul

Blade & Soul is a martial arts role-playing game released by Korean NCsoft. In the game, players will control a character of a certain discipline, can use martial arts skills inspired by Eastern martial arts to create beautiful and powerful combos.

Blade & Soul has an extremely attractive storyline, and also allows players to customize the appearance, shape of the character a lot, it can be said that the graphic aspect is the strongest advantage of Blade and Soul.

6. MU Online

MU Online is a Web-based Online Game PC that has officially opened in Vietnam and those who are interested can join. Play at the game’s homepage here.

The game retains 3 familiar character classes Soul, Dark Knight and Elf with a system of interfaces, items, equipment, such as diverse characters.

The first phase of the game is relatively simple because of the basic point & click typing style of the Webgame line, besides the self-hitting and self-searching system, supporting users to “take their teeth”. To a higher level, the speed of the task slows down, you will have to fight monsters with higher power to be able to continue the task.

Because it works on the Web, no installation is required, it does not require high machine configuration, the average is already able to work smoothly.

Above are top 6 addictive Online Games to try on PC. Hopefully, you will have a great time with these addictive games!

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Top 6 addictive Online Games to try on PC (Part 1)

With the strong development of mobile games, playing Online Games on PC still remains an indispensable part of the young generation today because of its experience. The following will be the Best 6 Online Games for PC, please refer.

1. League of Legends – League of Legends

Ranked No. 1 in the Top 6 Best Online Game for PC belongs to League of Legends This is a multiplayer online battle arena game developed and released by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.

League of Legends is a highly tactical team game genre, because in addition to your combat skills, you need to have a tactical mind and the ability to coordinate well with your teammates to fight. won the match.

Currently, the publisher also constantly changes the gameplay of the game and launches many attractive tournaments that make gamers not bored. If you love a strategy game, this will be the first choice for you.

2. Rules of Survival

To find a survival game on the most attractive PC platform today, it can only be Rules of Survival. This game does bring a quality of survival game experience that is classy, ​​attractive and authentic, not inferior to any existing online survival games, such as PUBG is storming the market. .

The experience of Rules of Survival game is quite easy because the compact installation, gamers can show the trendy “find-kill” game quickly, following the trend of survival games in the world.


FIFA ONLINE 4 is an online soccer game developed by EA Spearhead – Korea and Vietnam Esports exclusively released in Vietnam. FIFA ONLINE 4 is also the first PC game to get the Engine Console platform.

In order to bring the most authentic experience to the players, FIFA ONLINE 4 has invested in feats and meticulous details of graphics as well as high quality sound. Especially, the game will be updated continuously every 3 months to bring new features, not every 6 months as before. LiveBoot will also be a feature that will make the transfer market volatile when the player indexes up / down every 1 week.

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Summary of the best shooters to try on PC nowadays (Part 3)

Hitman Sniper

Hitman Sniper is a sniper game released by Square Enix. The game is currently released on Android and iOS platforms. When participating in the game, you will not dread hero to fight, but must sneak to perform secret activities.

You must complete the task assigned to sneak into the enemy base to spy and destroy their components. The special feature of the game is the dramatic shooting situations and the action must be secret, avoiding being detected by enemies.

Modern Combat 5 – army themed shooter

Modern Combat 5 is an online shooting game released by Gameloft. The game is inspired by other good shooting games on PC. Modern Combat 5 has many forms of fighting that are solo, take part in shooting 2 or more people or in the eSports.

The game has a diverse system of military equipment and extremely attractive gameplay. So if you love military-themed shooters, then don’t miss MC5.

NOVA legacy – alien shooter

This is also a very famous game released by Gameloft and supported on all PC and Mobile devices. The advantage of NOVA legacy is to bring gamer images extremely unique, diverse, attractive sound. Your mission is to transform into a character named Nova and prevent the invasion of alien corps.

Beautiful graphics, diverse equipment will bring you hours of shooting extremely thrilling, attractive. NOVA legacy is the name you should download the experience today

Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends is the last name in the best shooters currently released by Madfinger Games. The game takes place unique when alien is occupied. Your mission is to become a mercenary and destroy this group of aliens with the ultimate weapons. In addition, the game also owns sharp graphics, promising to play very well on machines with strong configuration


The article above has sent you a list of the best shooters today. These are all famous shooting products that are voted by gamers. We hope you will have hours of enjoyment with entertaining online shooter games.

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Summary of the best shooters games to try on PC nowadays (Part 1)

Shooting racing game

Shooting racing game is in the top of the best shooting games and is exclusively distributed by Suga Company Limited. The game stands out with graphics making extremely fun with the chariots on the intense race.

To play this game you just need to choose a computer with a weak average configuration that can be played, extremely smooth graphics, sharp, vivid sound. So if you are looking for an offline, online shooter game for Android, don’t miss a racing game.


This is a zombie shooter provided by Madfinger Games. At the beginning of the game, you will enter the familiar scenes of New York City, but here are not flooded with the current people but occupied by the undead.

All you need to do is destroy all of them to survive. The game has impressive 3D graphics in the top of today’s action shooting games with sound no words to criticize. You can experience this game right on your phone when UnKilled offers on both iOS and android platforms.

Stickman shooter

Stickman shooter is a free game published by Dobsolf Homepage. This game has quite fun and unique gameplay, not violent like many other shooters. In the game you will turn into a stick and the main task is to destroy the remaining opponents. The game has a very diverse weapon system such as rifles, AKs, cannons, etc. You can choose your favorite equipment and fight in your own style to kill formidable enemies.

Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2 is a computer shooter released by BadFly Interactive. The game currently supports multiple platforms such as android, iOS, PC, so you will have a variety of experiences on these devices. Some gamers who play this shooter appreciate it with very impressive 3D graphics and extremely exciting moments.

Like some other top-notch shooting games, BadFly Interactive styled like science fiction movies. Dramatic, intense shooting scenes are the highlight when playing Dead Effect 2.

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Summary of the best shooters games to try on PC nowadays (Part 1)

Shooters in the present is the type of game that many young people love. Here, we will provide you with suggestions for you list of the best shooting games on PC that you should experience. These super products will surely make you excited and spend hours to experience and explore.

Raid shooter

This is a good online shooter for pc made by publisher Dakshesh Vyas. When participating in the game Raid, you will transform into an elite gunman, your task is to attack and destroy the enemy. This game has attractive gameplay and weapons systems that equip diverse personnel.

In addition, what makes this action shooting game so hot is that the game has sharp graphics and extremely vivid sound. In the period from 2008 to 2012, Sudden Attack is the name of an online and offline shooter game played by young people all around the world.

PUBG survival game

PUBG has been in the top 10 of the most played action shooters of 2018.

Experience PUBG games for gamers with extremely vivid sound and graphics as standard HD, equipped with a variety of media and create beautiful images. The super classic shooting takes place every day, giving the world gaming community a very interesting experience. Currently you can download PUBG games on all platforms such as Steam, PC, Mobile or on Console games.

MineCraft Game

MineCraft is a popular online pixel-based survival shooter game today and published by Kadexo Limited. This game has very simple graphics but the gameplay is extremely dramatic.

The interesting thing that MineCraft brings is the transportation system of more than 300 types, 10 unique maps and a giant city. Players can build their own trenches with their own style, fighting with the Zombie or other players who are trying to bring you down.

Survival game MineCraft reached a huge number of players worldwide with more than 200,000 plays per day. So why wait any longer without downloading this super cool shooter.

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Best video games for people over 55 (Part 1)

If you’ve ever searched for games for people over 50 and then you will be disappointed at the results: lists of board games, brain games and healthy games “for any adult.” which is not much of a challenge. In short, there aren’t a lot of games targeted to old people.

In fact, a recent survey in the Great Britain suggested that more older adults play video games than we might think — 42% of adults age 55 to 64 enjoy playing video games such as strategy games and multiplayer games with their grandchildren.

So, in this list, you will find a good mix of games for old people to enjoy in smartphone, computer or gaming console.

1. Candy Crush

Candy Crush is a very simple puzzle game that can be downloaded on any Apple or Android gadget. With over a trillion levels to playe, Candy Crush is one of the most famous phone games of all time. The target is to match three of the same candies in a row to increase your score and move to new levels. It’s an addicting game, so be careful with the in-app purchases to get more lives and power-ups; it can easily get you out of control. The game is filled with thousands of levels and leaderboards so you can track how good you’re compared to your friends.

2. Backgammon

Backgammon is a classic board game that could be enjoyed in the living room or even by the pool. What a lot of older gaming fans don’t get is this great game can be enjoyed on almost any device. Backgammon can be played on a Mac or a PC.

The best thing about this video game is for anyone that’s played it on a board, doesn’t need to know the rules in advance. Additionally, it can be enjoyed online so you can play with friends and family from any place in the country.

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Great Educational Computer Games for Kids (Part 3)


Your child can bring her creations to life in Itzabitza. 

At first glance, the game “Itzabitza” might seem to be no more than an easy fun, albeit simple, drawing program. Observe your child play for a bit of time, though, and you’ll find that it’s much more to offer. This game — created for 4- to 8-year-olds — encourages kids to learn to read by requiring them to draw pictures and objects. As the child draws, the game brings their drawings to life using a unique “Living Ink” technology. Even the most rudimentary rocket ship will become so real, and a young child’s representation of a cloud can spill enough rain to cause the characters in the game to bring out their umbrellas. While they play, children not only increase reading comprehension, but also learn problem solving, creativity, logic and communication skills. After your children have conquered the original “Itzabitza,” find a copy of its companion game, “Itzazoo,” to keep your children engaged and motivated.


Why can’t mall children have all the fun? Throw away the boring flashcards and practice tests in favor of “FutureU,”. It is an engaging and educational SAT prep game developed by Kaplan for children. This game brings the company’s famous SAT-prep curriculum to users of both PC and Mac by using mini games to help students enhance their reading, writing and math skills. This is arguably the best and most enjoyable method to prepare for the difficult, much-dreaded SAT, and there’s even a special section built to improve teens’ test-taking skills. It’s possible the best thing about this game is that it can be played in many ways such as short bursts, allowing students to fit in a few minutes of educational play whenever they have spare time.

Have you tried playing all of them? Which one is your favorite?

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Great Educational Computer Games for Kids (Part 2)

The Oregon Trail

The highly addictive educational game “Oregon Trail” challenge players to survive when they travel on the Oregon trail in a covered wagon during the mid-1800s. Players face many difficulties ranging from hunger and starvation to drowning to death by dysentery as they accompany their families to a new life in the West. Developed to bring history to life for elementary school students, this classic game has been recreated for modern gamers, with upgrading versions available for the PC, and various other gaming platforms and even on Facebook. “The Oregon Trail” series not only helps kids enhance their history and geography knowledge, but also teaches them real-life problem-solving skills and techniques, including the consequences of various actions or choices.

Crayon Physics

In this deceptively simple-design looking game, players must base their decision on basis of the principles of physics to navigate a ball around obstacles that seem so simple as though they were drawn by a child. A mouse, trackball or stylus (for version on touch screen computers) can be used to draw tools to help navigate the ball in the right direction. As objects are drawn, they affect on the ball according to the principles of physics. This game teaches kids about motion, energy and gravity as they play. If the children draws a series of stairs, for example, the ball will go down them realistically with the momentum dependent on the height and angle. Children learning by doing, and because there are plenty of way to complete each level, children are encouraged to experiment and be as creative as possible. While younger children will absolutely enjoy the basic version of the game, older kids might want to try out the deluxe version, which allows players to design on their own and share custom levels using an online interactive playground.

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Great Educational Computer Games for Kids (Part 1)

Yes, you heard it right. Your children should spend time playing video games. According to researchers at MIT, girls spend average 12 hours a week playing games, while teen boys devote a staggering 23 hours a week to playing games. While some parents see these as wasted time, others see them as a powerful chance to support a child’s education and enhance critical skills using an interactive tool that children not only understand, master easily but also enjoy.

Of course, even the best educational games won’t work if your children don’t play them or play incorrectly. The key is to seek the games that incorporate educational themes within an engaging framework that ensure children to be motivated and guaranteed excitement to play. Skip the “skills and drills” parts, and check out these top titles that will encourage your children to learn and have fun on the virtual world at the same time.

The “Carmen Sandiego” Series
Yes, the globe-hopping recluse from your childhood has still needed to been found, and now it’s up to your children to track her down. The “Carmen Sandiego” games were one of the most famous and enjoyable educational series developed in the ’80s, and they still are famous today. After all, who doesn’t love being a detective? Designed for elementary and middle school children, these games enable kids to solve a mystery or track down Sandiego or another villain across the planet. The series has long worked as a teaching tool for reading comprehension and problem solving, geography, history, and the newest version focus on building mathematics skills. For example, children may need to place numbered columns in order from smallest to largest figures or solve a series of equations within a short time limit to move on to the next level. Children who enjoy these games might also like the companion books, TV shows and board games developed based on this game series.