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What are the top 10 free survival games to play on PC nowadays? (Part 3)

State Of Decay 2

Looking for some free Battle Royale game with a Zombie theme ?. If you are looking for it, please visit the State Of Decay 2, this is an extremely good free survival game for your PC. Your main task in SOD is to show survival, good team coordination to respond to the attack of the aggressive Zombie team.

After the apocalypse, there are only 4 people left on earth, you and 3 teammates must combine to combat the appearance of zombies everywhere. Besides fighting, you have to collect many objects to build your defense base. State Of Decay 2 is a free PC survival game you can hardly ignore.


This is a quite special game when the author is very young at only 16 years old. Initially, when entering the game you will see quite rough graphics, simulated by boring round cubes, but do not underestimate them. Minecraft game also does the graphics as a square. Unterned has an extremely unique gameplay that makes gamers experience the thrill.

With in-depth survival content about a world filled with Zombies, you must find ways to fight them. The game has a deep tactical development system and many skills will be equipped if you experience it long enough. Unterned is a multiplayer survival game on the Steam platform today.

The Forest

The Forest is on the list of the best jungle survival games in 2018. You will play the role of a person who survived an accident and lost himself in a mysterious forest.

The creepy things in the game will come to you starting here. Collect items for survival and set traps. The biggest danger in the game is not wild beasts.

The Forest is on the list of the best jungle survival games

Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 is a sequel to version 1 of the same name produced by Tripwire Interactive. And following the success of ver1, ver2 was born that did not disappoint gamers. Join the game, you will experience the feeling of extremely amazing Zombie shooting game through extreme graphics.

Ammunition, guillotine, and bombing are the bloody elements that every Zombie survival game should have. These are the things that make Killing Floor 2 so mysterious and special.


Above are the best free survival games for PC 2019. What are you waiting for without download experience now, completely free

PC games

What are the top 10 free survival games to play on PC nowadays? (Part 2)

Zombie Last day on Earth Survival

This is a game produced by K-MOBILE with a genre of survival that has been enjoyed by a lot of players since its launch. This free light PC survival game focuses more on survival aspects rather than action shots. You must fight in a world full of Zombies and zombies.

In the game, you will play the role of a person who has survived the apocalypse. With 2 empty hands, you have to prove you deserve a survivor, you must collect what is left of the disaster to avoid the powerful onslaught of zombies.

Besides dealing with zombies, you have to fight the competition of other players. Last day on Earth Survival gives you an extremely stressful survival experience, there will be no room for love and you have to make yourself survive for as long as possible.

Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is a survival game with horror elements with an attractive and different style of play. On a game screen, you will play the role of 1 Killer while the other 4 people play the role of Survivors. The Survivors’ mission will be to escape and escape from Killer’s hunt, if caught, Survivors will be tortured and destroyed.

Dead by Daylight is a survival game with horror elements

What players find difficult in Dead by Daylight is that the game will constantly change the environment. With a new way of playing, DBD deserves to be on the list of hottest free survival games available today.


Durango is a PC stone-age survival game set in prehistoric times with huge and ferocious dinosaurs. Coming to the game, you will feel suffocated when you are in the land of panic and are threatened by large dinosaurs. Players are required to fight with them to survive.

The graphics in the game are extremely vivid to help you feel like you are in a real forest. In addition to fighting with ferocious animals, the harsh mysterious wild nature is also an important factor you must overcome.

PC games

What is the top 10 free survival games to play on PC nowadays? (Part 1)

Are you a lover of the survival game genre and are looking to play a light PC survival game for free? The top 10 free survival games in the article below is what you need.

The best survival game today on PC: Fornite

Fortnite is a game produced and released by Epic Games, they are considered a not light counterweight to PUBG game. In addition to survival mode like PUBG, Fortnite also has an equally attractive Save the World mode.

You and 3 other people will form a team, on the same mission to fight together and survive, defend against the extremely intense attacks of the ferocious Zombie.

Fortnite is a game produced and released by Epic Games

Especially unlike the current Battle Royale games, this PC zombie survival game allows players to collect objects, build defensive trenches. These are the differences that make Fornite so HOT right now.

H1Z1: King of the Kill

If you are passionate about shooting action on free survival games for PC then this game is for you. When entering H1Z1: King of the Kill, the player’s heart will be in the same beat with extremely fast, very attractive gun battles in the game. To be the ultimate winner, concentration, assertiveness, no hesitation is a prerequisite.

Besides, when playing this free survival game you will be attracted by the realism, graphics, and extremely vivid sound in the game.

Dragon’S Sin

The game is set in the medieval earth, a period when all creatures are dominated by humans and dragons. While humans have the upper hand in terms of intelligence and magic, dragons are large and physically superior. So what will the game offer for you to fight?

After the dragons discovered that, eating humans they would be stronger, more mutated than before. That is the time when you fulfill your mission, fight mercilessly with them, and win for your fellow men. This is a free survival game for PC dragon theme 2019.