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Reasons to love Pokémon Go all the more (Part 2)

Getting them together – It is amazing how a game has gether communities and families together. The gaming experience has resulted in sharing of tricks and ways from numerous groups and communities passing those wisdom from one to another.

Increase the adrenaline rush – The more you play, the higher level of curious you become for the next adventure. It makes you eager. So, put on those walking shoes and introduce yourself to the world. Being first of its generation, the excitement to try something novel has made Pokémon Go so popular.

Stimulate your senses – Despite the latest versions of action games like COD and Counterstrike, gaming world was revolutionised by these colourful Pokémon characters. Being augmented reality based, it surely provides the better experience than those of VR games, PS and numerous other variants of seat warming games like Candy Crush or Crime Scene.

Boost your sense – While you are walking on the streets catching these adorable creatures, you begin more aware of your surroundings, increasing your concentration threshold. You begin looking beyond your smartphone to see a world beyond. It even enhances your foot eye coordination.

Teamwork pays off – Friends, families, spouse, players working together to seek those Poké eggs and encouraging one another to catch the most of it. All that help you learn hot to work in a team, participate actively and promote each other’s strengths

Improve to your ears ability – The recent statistics reveal that the music streaming has increased by 650%, the Pokémon theme from the animated series is the sole and most important contributor. 

Additional health benefits – The social nature of the game has created close relationships and friendship and has paved a new way for those with social anxiety. Experts recommend that it can potentially help to enhu the mental and physical health of the players thanks to the strong reinforcement for people to go out and become more participative and active.

Who could have thought that a game can have such benefits to your life? Make the most of it, leaving that couch and be on the go.

Happy catching!