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Summary of the best shooters games to try on PC nowadays (Part 1)

Shooting racing game

Shooting racing game is in the top of the best shooting games and is exclusively distributed by Suga Company Limited. The game stands out with graphics making extremely fun with the chariots on the intense race.

To play this game you just need to choose a computer with a weak average configuration that can be played, extremely smooth graphics, sharp, vivid sound. So if you are looking for an offline, online shooter game for Android, don’t miss a racing game.


This is a zombie shooter provided by Madfinger Games. At the beginning of the game, you will enter the familiar scenes of New York City, but here are not flooded with the current people but occupied by the undead.

All you need to do is destroy all of them to survive. The game has impressive 3D graphics in the top of today’s action shooting games with sound no words to criticize. You can experience this game right on your phone when UnKilled offers on both iOS and android platforms.

Stickman shooter

Stickman shooter is a free game published by Dobsolf Homepage. This game has quite fun and unique gameplay, not violent like many other shooters. In the game you will turn into a stick and the main task is to destroy the remaining opponents. The game has a very diverse weapon system such as rifles, AKs, cannons, etc. You can choose your favorite equipment and fight in your own style to kill formidable enemies.

Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2 is a computer shooter released by BadFly Interactive. The game currently supports multiple platforms such as android, iOS, PC, so you will have a variety of experiences on these devices. Some gamers who play this shooter appreciate it with very impressive 3D graphics and extremely exciting moments.

Like some other top-notch shooting games, BadFly Interactive styled like science fiction movies. Dramatic, intense shooting scenes are the highlight when playing Dead Effect 2.