Shooter games

What shooter games to enjoy on PC nowadays? (Part 1)

Shooting games always bring the most dramatic, thrilling, and authentic experiences for players. And in this article, let’s take a look at the best first-person and third-person shooters on PC.

Mafia II

A famous game that many of you probably already know. Mafia II is considered a monument, a standard of action shooter series with the theme of Mafia. The characteristic that creates a brand for this game is the extremely tight storyline, perfect with intimately related details in the game.

The game takes place between the 40s, 50cuars of the previous century. In Mafia II, players will experience the classic 3rd-person gun battle. You can hide behind obstacles and then rush out to attack and knockdown enemies quickly.

In addition, the game also has a shooting mode so that players can perform the perfect sniper from afar.

Far Cry 5

If you are a lover of the shooting game series, you probably have known the famous game Far Cry. Far Cry 5 is the latest version of this series. In this new version, gamers will have to fight a brutal and cruel cult called Eden’s Gate led by Joseph’s leader.

With a pretty good story, along with inheriting the essence of its predecessors with fascinating and engaging gameplay, Far Cry 5 deserves to be one of the top shooter titles today. Besides, the game’s graphics are also highly appreciated.


A very good third-person shooter game for those who love. Vanquish is a shooting game that was first released in 2010 and very quickly, this game has made a great reputation and attracted a large community of gamers to play.

Up to now, this game has always been rated as one of the best 3rd person shooter titles. Vanquish’s specialty is that the game possesses a fast-paced and dramatic action style.

In addition to the unique and attractive gameplay, a huge plus point for this game is that it does not require too high in terms of configuration. Just need a machine in a mid-range configuration that gamers can experience this game easily.