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The expected release date of Far Cry 6 shooter game

A new rumor confirms that Far Cry 6 is about to be officially revealed, and is likely to return to the brand’s famous fantasy locations.

Ubisoft currently holds many AAA game brands, but one of the oldest and most popular names is Far Cry. While the latest installment of the series, Far Cry: New Dawn, has not been well received, a new rumor confirms that Far Cry 6 is being developed, and maybe it will return to style.

The fans are looking forward to it. According to a recent report from, Far Cry 6 will be revealed at the Ubisoft Forward event on July 12, or is likely to be leaked if Ubisoft decides to wait longer. At the same time, Far Cry 6 will also abandon the North American context, which is very beautiful, but not popular.

Fans are not very excited about the new North American context

If reported correctly, Far Cry 6 will be one of five AAA games that Ubisoft intends to release this fiscal year. This means it is likely to be released from now until April 2021, unless delayed by the Corona pandemic.

The launch time frame is also quite reasonable, as Far Cry is traditionally a semi-annual series. Far Cry: New Dawn released in 2019, and Fary Cry 5 released a year earlier.

In addition, the context of Far Cry 6 may be a difference that Ubisoft has never tried before. The studio once surveyed Far Cry fans about the scenes they wanted to see in later games. The capabilities ranging from zombie apocalypse to aliens. However, those ideas have been used in Far Cry 5’s DLC, and is unlikely to become a complete game.

Many strange ideas have become … DLC for Far Cry 5

Of course, this information has not been confirmed yet, and much of the content of this news does not seem to be well thought out, based on how Ubisoft publishes their titles, especially in the middle of the timeline.

The latest installment of Far Cry so far. In short, it is better to receive the information with a certain caution, because they can easily become fake news. In any case, fans do not have to wait too long before the official information.

Ubisoft Forward is scheduled for next month, quite close to the Xbox July event, so fans will get a mountain of news and revealing games in the coming weeks, and hope that Far Cry 6 will is one of them.