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The time-bending strategy FPS game Lemnis Gate will launch in early 2021

Titles Lemnis Gate was announced officially in the event Gamescom Opening Night Live recently. The game is developed by Ratloop Games and released by Frontier Foundry, will launch in early 2021.

Lemnis Gate is a mind-changing turn-based strategy shooter where the mastery of weapons and the skill of meeting genius tactics through many time-bending rounds. It has slightly different gameplay from what you’re used to.

Time-packed FPS game Lemnis Gate will premiere in 2021

Specifically, the Lemnis Gate takes place in a time loop. You have 25 seconds to perform your action, whether it’s attacking an enemy, collecting items, or defusing a dangerous situation. Then it’s your opponent’s turn against the action you take.

In each round, you and your opponent choose different space agents to join the battle, creating an epic climax at the end of the match, where your entire team of characters goes head-to-head with the entire team. competitor.

Time-packed FPS game Lemnis Gate will premiere in 2021

The attractive gameplay

In a casual shooter game, your eyes see what’s on the screen and you react to what’s happening in that present moment. In the game, you consider things happening in the past, what’s happening in the present, and what might happen in the future. It is a four-way fighting style.

You throw it in a room and it explodes. In a time loop, unless tampered with, that grenade will explode in that room at that point in the same way over and over again until the end of the match.

You can use this to your advantage and predict where your opponents might appear in the future. Then, toss some grenades at key intersections on the map. Your opponent may find them in the wrong place at the wrong time. They will be destroyed by the same grenades you have thrown in the past.

Time travel and the relationship between cause and effect are the core pillars of Lemnis Gate’s gameplay. Those are some pretty powerful mind-blowing things. You must learn to see time differently and strategize in new ways. This is important when you begin your journey to master the game.


Dive into an online battle, deploy daring tactics, master your hero’s skills and think ahead of time to win resounding victory overtime, or enter an offline battle where you have can challenge a friend by sharing the same screen and gaming controller. Get ready to break the past and change the future!