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PC Games that are the basis for creating other games (Part 3)

Top mobile game that are the basis for creating other games

Now, what are some words about the best shooters games on Android? Here, let’s see the list presented in the ranking of the same Play Market (Google Play) or AppStore.

The championship belongs to zombie military and horror strategies such as Dead Trigger 2, Dead Earth: Sci-Fi, NOVA 3, Special Force, Squad Strike 2, Critical OIps, Modern Combat…

Overall, the list of “Best shooters for Android” is updated with new items almost every day.

Forecasting the development of gaming technology

And finally, a certain result. The best shooters are quite diverse, although it is possible to mention some of the trends that have been established in this category.

In particular, this concern coordinates the actions of the team, returning to battles during World War II, counterterrorism activities, against evil spirits, the most common of which is the zombie horror, etc.

But in general, good PC shooters, it seems, do not lose their relevance, especially considering the unprecedented development of virtual reality technologies, where each player has can sense me, to speak the body of my character.

The use of helmets will add momentum to the gaming industry, and who knows, perhaps sooner or later, players will be able to feel not just the fullness of movement or awareness of the surrounding space. , but also the real pain of hitting an enemy’s weapon?

But it is better for virtual players to use good shooters, forcing them to think about the performance of certain actions on personal computers, rather than they will engage in similar actions in real life. Perhaps, it is even a certain means to withdraw accumulated adrenaline or anger? War is as old as the human world.

Above are the PC Games and mobile games that are the basis for creating other games. Hopefully, the article is informative for you!