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PC Games that are the basis for creating other games (Part 3)

Top mobile game that are the basis for creating other games

Now, what are some words about the best shooters games on Android? Here, let’s see the list presented in the ranking of the same Play Market (Google Play) or AppStore.

The championship belongs to zombie military and horror strategies such as Dead Trigger 2, Dead Earth: Sci-Fi, NOVA 3, Special Force, Squad Strike 2, Critical OIps, Modern Combat…

Overall, the list of “Best shooters for Android” is updated with new items almost every day.

Forecasting the development of gaming technology

And finally, a certain result. The best shooters are quite diverse, although it is possible to mention some of the trends that have been established in this category.

In particular, this concern coordinates the actions of the team, returning to battles during World War II, counterterrorism activities, against evil spirits, the most common of which is the zombie horror, etc.

But in general, good PC shooters, it seems, do not lose their relevance, especially considering the unprecedented development of virtual reality technologies, where each player has can sense me, to speak the body of my character.

The use of helmets will add momentum to the gaming industry, and who knows, perhaps sooner or later, players will be able to feel not just the fullness of movement or awareness of the surrounding space. , but also the real pain of hitting an enemy’s weapon?

But it is better for virtual players to use good shooters, forcing them to think about the performance of certain actions on personal computers, rather than they will engage in similar actions in real life. Perhaps, it is even a certain means to withdraw accumulated adrenaline or anger? War is as old as the human world.

Above are the PC Games and mobile games that are the basis for creating other games. Hopefully, the article is informative for you!

Shooter games

The development of first-person shooters games (Part 1)

But back to the origin of this category. It is believed that the first games of this plan at the same time are Wolfenstein 3D, Hover Tank 3D…

A day later, such unique games appeared, later became classics of this genre. The continued to grow and continue as Doom, Quake, Heretic, Hexen, Duke Nukem 3D, Blood, Unreal and many other games.

By the way, these special games look different. Although they simulated a three-dimensional first-person view, they were still launched in DOS and many of them were eventually ported to Windows platforms.

In the main direction, it’s an FPS game that is essentially necessary to kill monsters, zombies, mutants, etc. But in parallel with this, projects where players look at things that are not their own with their own eyes, and manage the character from behind. They are called the Third Gunner (third-person shooter).

And the list of the best shooters of the time, certainly, could not have been made without the brightest representative of this trend, it became the classic Tomb Raider game with the infamous Lara Croft in the role of Tomb Raider.

Interestingly, this game is so popular that it gets four more installments in the sequel. Two parts of the same movie with Angelina Jolie in the main role were even filmed. In order to complete each task, it is necessary to solve a lot of puzzles and riddles that come.

Today there are many of the most unpredictable and unpredictable games. The development of the plot may depend only on the actions of the player.

Games are the basis for creating other games

Naturally, with the introduction of the first graphics chips such as 3DFX cards, and then nVidia Riva, it is possible to significantly increase the performance of computer systems in terms of three-dimensional structural modeling and many games. Play using advanced technology has been continued. For example, the sequel released Quake, Unreal, Doom, etc.

Computer games

Summary of the best shooters to try on PC nowadays (Part 3)

Hitman Sniper

Hitman Sniper is a sniper game released by Square Enix. The game is currently released on Android and iOS platforms. When participating in the game, you will not dread hero to fight, but must sneak to perform secret activities.

You must complete the task assigned to sneak into the enemy base to spy and destroy their components. The special feature of the game is the dramatic shooting situations and the action must be secret, avoiding being detected by enemies.

Modern Combat 5 – army themed shooter

Modern Combat 5 is an online shooting game released by Gameloft. The game is inspired by other good shooting games on PC. Modern Combat 5 has many forms of fighting that are solo, take part in shooting 2 or more people or in the eSports.

The game has a diverse system of military equipment and extremely attractive gameplay. So if you love military-themed shooters, then don’t miss MC5.

NOVA legacy – alien shooter

This is also a very famous game released by Gameloft and supported on all PC and Mobile devices. The advantage of NOVA legacy is to bring gamer images extremely unique, diverse, attractive sound. Your mission is to transform into a character named Nova and prevent the invasion of alien corps.

Beautiful graphics, diverse equipment will bring you hours of shooting extremely thrilling, attractive. NOVA legacy is the name you should download the experience today

Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends is the last name in the best shooters currently released by Madfinger Games. The game takes place unique when alien is occupied. Your mission is to become a mercenary and destroy this group of aliens with the ultimate weapons. In addition, the game also owns sharp graphics, promising to play very well on machines with strong configuration


The article above has sent you a list of the best shooters today. These are all famous shooting products that are voted by gamers. We hope you will have hours of enjoyment with entertaining online shooter games.

Computer games

Summary of the best shooters games to try on PC nowadays (Part 1)

Shooting racing game

Shooting racing game is in the top of the best shooting games and is exclusively distributed by Suga Company Limited. The game stands out with graphics making extremely fun with the chariots on the intense race.

To play this game you just need to choose a computer with a weak average configuration that can be played, extremely smooth graphics, sharp, vivid sound. So if you are looking for an offline, online shooter game for Android, don’t miss a racing game.


This is a zombie shooter provided by Madfinger Games. At the beginning of the game, you will enter the familiar scenes of New York City, but here are not flooded with the current people but occupied by the undead.

All you need to do is destroy all of them to survive. The game has impressive 3D graphics in the top of today’s action shooting games with sound no words to criticize. You can experience this game right on your phone when UnKilled offers on both iOS and android platforms.

Stickman shooter

Stickman shooter is a free game published by Dobsolf Homepage. This game has quite fun and unique gameplay, not violent like many other shooters. In the game you will turn into a stick and the main task is to destroy the remaining opponents. The game has a very diverse weapon system such as rifles, AKs, cannons, etc. You can choose your favorite equipment and fight in your own style to kill formidable enemies.

Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2 is a computer shooter released by BadFly Interactive. The game currently supports multiple platforms such as android, iOS, PC, so you will have a variety of experiences on these devices. Some gamers who play this shooter appreciate it with very impressive 3D graphics and extremely exciting moments.

Like some other top-notch shooting games, BadFly Interactive styled like science fiction movies. Dramatic, intense shooting scenes are the highlight when playing Dead Effect 2.