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The time-bending strategy FPS game Lemnis Gate will launch in early 2021

Titles Lemnis Gate was announced officially in the event Gamescom Opening Night Live recently. The game is developed by Ratloop Games and released by Frontier Foundry, will launch in early 2021.

Lemnis Gate is a mind-changing turn-based strategy shooter where the mastery of weapons and the skill of meeting genius tactics through many time-bending rounds. It has slightly different gameplay from what you’re used to.

Time-packed FPS game Lemnis Gate will premiere in 2021

Specifically, the Lemnis Gate takes place in a time loop. You have 25 seconds to perform your action, whether it’s attacking an enemy, collecting items, or defusing a dangerous situation. Then it’s your opponent’s turn against the action you take.

In each round, you and your opponent choose different space agents to join the battle, creating an epic climax at the end of the match, where your entire team of characters goes head-to-head with the entire team. competitor.

Time-packed FPS game Lemnis Gate will premiere in 2021

The attractive gameplay

In a casual shooter game, your eyes see what’s on the screen and you react to what’s happening in that present moment. In the game, you consider things happening in the past, what’s happening in the present, and what might happen in the future. It is a four-way fighting style.

You throw it in a room and it explodes. In a time loop, unless tampered with, that grenade will explode in that room at that point in the same way over and over again until the end of the match.

You can use this to your advantage and predict where your opponents might appear in the future. Then, toss some grenades at key intersections on the map. Your opponent may find them in the wrong place at the wrong time. They will be destroyed by the same grenades you have thrown in the past.

Time travel and the relationship between cause and effect are the core pillars of Lemnis Gate’s gameplay. Those are some pretty powerful mind-blowing things. You must learn to see time differently and strategize in new ways. This is important when you begin your journey to master the game.


Dive into an online battle, deploy daring tactics, master your hero’s skills and think ahead of time to win resounding victory overtime, or enter an offline battle where you have can challenge a friend by sharing the same screen and gaming controller. Get ready to break the past and change the future!

Shooter games

Things players need to know when playing CSGO shooters (Part 1)

When playing the CSGO shooting game, wanting to win requires good skills and tactics. For beginners, the surprises are inevitable. Please follow the following article to get the best way to play.

What is a CSGO shooter?

Before learning how to play, you should learn a little bit about CSGO. This is a first-person shooter game. Its full name is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and is commonly known by the acronym CS GO or CSGO. Thanks to the attraction, the novelty, after the release of this game, has attracted the participation of many gamers.

This is a game in the category of shooting computer perspective. This game is maintained and developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation. On August 21, 2012, CSGO released a version for Microsoft Windows and OS X on Steam.

The economic system is what makes CSGO shooters unique. The game is divided into several rounds, you will have $ 800 for the first turn to buy pistols, surveillance, ammo. To win, you need to calculate and set up a specific strategy, suitable for each purchased time.

In many cases, the best thing is to buy nothing, save up to buy an AWP that determines the outcome of the game. At the end of each round, there will be prizes, the winning team will get more money. CSGO has simple graphics, so when playing will not be distracted. CSGO is like an actual sport, not difficult to start, but to master, it takes a lifetime.

CSGO shooting game also requires players to have extremely subtle tactics

Not only requires reflexive, physical ability, CSGO shooting game also requires players to have extremely subtle tactics. The strategy of playing this game is limitless because each team that wants to win will come up with a different strategy. Possessing creativity and efficiency, you will surely be successful in this game.

CSGO is a game loved by many gamers

What makes this game so interesting is the economic system. When participating, you need to go through many rounds, the first round, players will be provided with $ 800 to buy pistols, grenades, armor. When you win, you will immediately receive a reward. The winning team will receive more money.

Shooter games

Top 9 best zombie shooting game to try on PC nowadays (Part 2)

5. Resident Evil series

Resident Evil Zombie Offline shooter series has long been a favorite of many gamers. The game is always challenging with legendary monsters. Especially Mr.X. is the perfect combination of zombie and puzzle game that makes Resident Evil worthy of becoming a legend in the hearts of many gamers.

6. Left for Dead series

Are you looking for an extreme 2-person Zombie shooter game? So don’t worry because of Left for Dead. This is a zombie shooter game in the co-op team genre. Although the game has also been released for a long time, it is still worth the challenge with gamers.

7. State of Decay series

Add a shooting game Zombie 3D extremely impressive with “sea” zombies in the game State of Decay. Players will fight with other players and survive against the zombies in the western United States. With unique and innovative weapons equipment, players will have a different experience compared to other zombie games.

8. World War Z

Zombie World War Z is an addictive shooter game. In the game, you will be playing the role of a character joining the fight with your friends on the journey to find a cure for this evil disease.

The game content is adapted from the famous movie of the same name and World War Z promises to give players the experience of thrilling action and extremely stressful, suspenseful.

Zombie World War Z is an addictive shooter game

9. They Are Billions

If you have to play the game by yourself, don’t be afraid to try They Are Billions right away. Your mission in the game needs to build a solid defense system to be ready against the coming waves of zombies. The setting in the game is post-apocalyptic day and the battle with zombies is worth the test of your courage.


Above is a list of the best Zombie shooters in 2020 for brave gamers and are not afraid to challenge themselves. You can choose to play alone or team up with your teammates to experience the impressive moments with these Top 9 cool games!

Shooter games

Top 5 attractive sniper PC games that shooters lovers should not ignore

Here are top 5 attractive sniper PC games that shooters lovers should not ignore.

Sniper Elite 4

The Nazis theme never gets old, Sniper Elite 4 also marks the transition from a linear game to the open world shooting genre. The game has all the real elements of the sniper genre such as recoil, wind direction. In addition, the most special feature of the Sniper Elite series is the slow-motion camera angles when the player hits the enemy.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 is the best version in the series. The developer has perfected the limited elements from the first version such as very intelligent AI, the difficulty of each level is designed with a unique unique and turns the game into a real sniper game.

Players will have to carefully monitor the direction of the wind, distance or surroundings before giving a satisfying shot down enemies from a distance.

Weapon 3

Arma is a very realistic war simulation game series. So the guns in Arma 3 are just as difficult to use in real life. To make good use of the snipers in Arma 3, players will have to pay attention to many factors such as their breath, wind direction, the actual rangefinder as well as the aiming position. It can be said that becoming a sniper in Arma 3 is extremely difficult and players have to practice a lot.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands

Although not a game built specifically for professional snipers, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands is a name that definitely cannot be ignored after you have experienced all 3 games mentioned above.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands

The game possesses a large open world with many outposts and enemies across the map, if you want to show your sniper skills, there is no place better than this wild Bolivian land.

Owning a huge sniper arsenal with a multitude of modifications and adjustments for each gun, players will have the option of choosing the position, the attack distance is unlimited with any location.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

Although not a sniper game, but CoD: Modern Warfare Remastered has two famous missions that bring the feeling of sniper extremely hands: All Ghillied Up and One Shot, One Kill. These 2 missions have made all game lovers fall in love with every single shot. The intense atmosphere and fast-paced mission have made very few current titles surpass Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Shooter games

The appeal of some addictive shooter games on PC (Part 1)

The thrilling shooter genre in the world is attracting the attention of young gamers with a series of good shooters like PUBG, Halo, or Call of Duty. So which is the best PC shooting game worth trying out now?

For the online shooter series for PC, gamers will have hundreds of different choices. Because shooters are now a fairly popular game series, they are chosen by many manufacturers to develop. To help people choose the best online shooter, today will introduce the top online shooters or for Pc that are worth a try. Invite gamers to follow.

What is an online shooting game?

Before entering the top 10 online shooters or for Pc, let’s learn through some information about the shooter series.

A shooting game is a game where the player will role-play and become a character in the game, all you have to do is use the gas breasts such as guns, bombs, and bullets that have been prepared to fight the enemy. Currently, shooters are usually divided into 2 main lines, first-person shooters and third-person shooters.

For first-person shooters, players only see scenes where the player character is playing and controlling. As for the third-person perspective, the player can see all the things, images around the role-playing character and the character that the player played the role.

To help people choose whether to shoot online shooters or for their Pc, the blog surveyed gamers and came up with a list of the 10 best shooters below.

1. Contract Wars

Online shooter Web Game Contract Wars on PC is developed from an attractive first-person perspective. The game scene is based on a rich storyline and offers 5 game modes with more than 60 unique weapon options that bring exciting experiences.

The game scene is based on a rich storyline

To play the Contract Wars game requires gamers to have good teamwork coordination skills to promote their abilities with many rich strategies. In particular, the game has the advantage of running smoothly on the web, without worrying about lag when playing or being forced to download.

Shooter games

Top 15 offline PC shooting games for medium configuration computer (Part 3)

13. Battlefield 2

With the reinforced equipment, you can completely experience the new Battlefield 2 game. In this game, you can experience fierce battles on the vast battlefield. There are many types of weapons that you can own such as jet, Jeep, BTR, or tank. With more than 30 types of motor vehicles, you will be discovered and experienced in intense battles.

Not less than the previous version, in Battlefield 2 there are also extremely beautiful and large scenes. Furthermore, it was equipped with many new weapons. In the second version, players will enter an extremely large battlefield to unleash and experience it.

Impressive performances with extremely spectacular light and explosion effects. Everything is depicted in the most detailed and vivid way. This strategy game promises not to disappoint gamers!

14. H1Z1: King of the Kill

H1Z1: King of the Kill is a game for those who love classic action game. The game belongs to the genre of survival shooting with an extremely suspenseful and attractive fast tempo.

This is a game for those who love classic action

To survive in the game you will have to stay focused, assertive, and indecisive in large-scale PvP battles. The game has beautiful graphics that will bring a real feeling to the player.

15. Dead Space 2

The last name on this list is Dead Space 2, a third-person horror shooter game that is highly appreciated in terms of content as well as images. Dead Space 2 is a product that was published by the famous game company Electronic Arts. The game is about protagonist Isaac Clarke fighting to stop the Necromorph outbreak on Sprawl.

Join the game, players will experience fierce battles with creepy zombies. With realistic visual and sound effects, the game promises to bring the thrill, glassy and scary feelings in the game.


Above are the top 15 offline PC shooting games for medium configuration computer. Hopefully, you will have fun with these attractive games!

Shooter games

Top 10 best shooting games for PC in 2020 that should not be ignored (Part 2)

2. Valorant

For gamers who love shooters, they must have heard of the name Valorant. This is a super product from the developer of Riot Games. This company is also the father of the very famous League of Legends MOBA game nowadays.

Valorant integrates many different game modes

Although not developing many game products, but in return, the games developed by Riot Games are highly appreciated by gamers. It’s not only good about the content, but the gameplay and graphics are also meticulously taken care of.

Entering the world of Valorant, players will be able to choose the character they like and possess different fighting skills corresponding to the character they choose. The game integrates many different game modes including Normal battle mode, entertainment mode…

To be able to win, players need to prepare themselves for a suitable formation. This formation can be combined with the skills to contribute to the advantage in combat.

3. Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

If you are looking for a gentle shooting role-playing game for PC, you should choose Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. This is a remake and has greatly improved from graphics to content. With Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, players will no longer have to fight in the context of world wars 1 and 2.

Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is a gentle shooting role-playing game for PC

Instead, we will have to deal with a fantasy war that takes place in the 21st century. The scene in the game is set in the chaotic Middle East, at which time the terrorist forces are constantly attacking. threatens world peace.

Entering the game, you will be playing the role of a professional soldier sent from the US army. Your mission is to fight terrorists to protect world peace. In the world of Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, players will experience and use high-quality weapons with great damage.

Besides, you and your teammates are also provided with very advanced and modern equipment. The battles in Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare will be fierce and dramatic. I believe that you will be extremely excited and excited to experience this game.

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Top 15 offline PC shooting games for medium configuration computer (Part 1)

Shooting game offline PC is considered an attractive game to young people. Currently, there are many offline shooting games for PC that are explored by numerous players.

So, you already know those games yet? Follow up now to find the best shooting game.

1. Offline Raid Game 2018

Referring to the most attractive offline PC shooter today, surely cannot help but mention Raid Offline 2018. There are many attractive features on Raid that you can easily enjoy. The combat modes are also fully updated. Along with that is a diverse battle map for you to enjoy the game most interestingly.

2. GTA 4

If in the real world there are things you cannot do, at GTA 4 you will enjoy those feelings. Although the graphics are not excellent, once you come to the world of the GTA 4 game, you will not miss out on its appeal. Only with a medium configuration computer, you have been involved in shooting in another attractive open world.

3. Game Sniper Elite V2

This is an attractive game where players will transform into the character Karl Fairburne is a sniper. Karl’s mission is to rescue, shoot, or kill people who participate in the missile program V2.

You need to destroy your enemies with assassination shots

The game missions here are always engaging, thrilling, and difficult. You need to destroy your enemies with assassination shots. Players also need to participate in situations of hunting and catching enemies.

4. Left 4 Dead 2

Shooting game Zombie Left 4 Dead 2 is 1 attractive shooting game. This is part 2 of the game Left 4 Dead and you will have to transform into 1 of 4 characters. The remaining characters will be teammates or Al to fight the bloodthirsty Zombies with you. This game also does not require you to have high configuration.

5. Half-Life

Half-Life is probably a game too familiar for those who love shooting games. Even though the game is lightweight, it is still easy to play this game. That is why it is chosen by many gamers to unleash their passion for shooting.

Half-Life is a legendary shooting game

6. Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is the most successful and engaging game version of the Call Of Duty series. When playing the game, you will be given the choice of different game modes and divided into teams. A first-person shooter game with diverse character types and fighting styles is the attraction of offline shooting.

Shooter games

What shooter games to enjoy on PC nowadays? (Part 3)


Overwatch is one of the top multiplayer shooting games available today. This game has a combination of first-person shooter and MOBA elements. This help the gameplay in the game extremely new but also full of attraction and attraction.

Each battle in Overwatch will consist of 2 teams, each team of 6 people. Players will be able to choose a character they like. Of course, each character here will have different special skills.

A very unique point is that these characters will take on the same roles as MOBA games such as assassins, gladiators, blockers… Graphics in the game are also very fond of eyes with colorful characters.

Thanks to the above factors, it can be said that Overwatch is one of the most rewarding shooters today.

Resident Evil 4

A series of games have been too famous for many gamers who love the 3rd person shooter series with the theme of horror zombies. And Resident Evil 4 is considered the best part of this series. The game has the perfect combination of action and horror elements.

The game was released in 2005 and has become one of the most popular games of that time. The attractive storyline, built on a great animated animation platform. Besides, the game has attractive and unique gameplay are the factors that bring success to this game.

Up to now, Resident Evil 4 has always been rated as one of the best third-person shooter titles and worth playing.

Fallout 4

Fallout 4 is a very cool and fun action shooter game with its fascinating storyline. Coming to the game, players will be transported into a fantasy world but equally authentic in it. Now, after 200 nuclear disasters, the city of Boston is sinking in a dark, dark color.

In the game, players will have to fight evil bandits who are always ready to steal your living friends at any time and even those ferocious monsters. One of the special features many gamers love in Fallout 4 is that players will always have a dog companion to support and fight together in fierce battles in the game.

Above are top shooter games to enjoy on PC nowadays. We hope you will have great hours of enjoyment and relaxation playing these amazing games!

Shooter games

Top 10 best offline shooters on PC that you should try at least once (Part 2)

5. S.T.A.L.K.E.R .: Call of Pripyat

This is a testament to a game, although the graphics are not too beautiful, the deep gameplay and the vast virtual world have made many gamers die-hard. In the STALKER game series, the third part Call of Pripyat is still considered the most complete and best part.

6. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Since Call of Duty 1, it is not until Call of Duty 4 that this series refreshes itself and to a new level when transforming from the context of World War 2 to modern war. To say the least, even with many other versions of COD coming out later, they still hardly beat Modern Warfare.

7. Half-Life 2: classic shooters

It would be too big a shortcoming without mentioning Half-Life 2 on this list. Valve’s classic game still has a huge fan base worldwide. The game was released in 2004, so you don’t have to worry about configuration issues.

8. Crysis: top-notch graphics offline shooter

The top-notch graphics is what people still think about the Crysis series, especially when this game was born with such beautiful graphics that many gamers could not expect it to be so beautiful. The first version is still the most rewarding because the later this series loses its quality.

9. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Vegas

Coming to Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas, in addition to action, tactical elements also play an important role and profoundly affect the gameplay of the game.

Therefore, in addition to the “crazy” gunfight, you also have to work out a combat plan and control your teammates to move to predetermined targets to minimize the enemy’s attack ability. This is a new point and gives players many great experiences.

10. Bioshock: the best FPS game of all time

Although built in the model of a horror game, Bioshock (BS) does not go in the usual way like a few monsters jumping in your face. The fear that BS brings to the player is confusion from within. This game remains in the ranking of the best FPS games of all time.

Hopefully, with the offline games or shooting game genre, this will help you relax, play anytime on the computer without the need for an internet connection.