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What is the top 10 free survival games to play on PC nowadays? (Part 1)

Are you a lover of the survival game genre and are looking to play a light PC survival game for free? The top 10 free survival games in the article below is what you need.

The best survival game today on PC: Fornite

Fortnite is a game produced and released by Epic Games, they are considered a not light counterweight to PUBG game. In addition to survival mode like PUBG, Fortnite also has an equally attractive Save the World mode.

You and 3 other people will form a team, on the same mission to fight together and survive, defend against the extremely intense attacks of the ferocious Zombie.

Fortnite is a game produced and released by Epic Games

Especially unlike the current Battle Royale games, this PC zombie survival game allows players to collect objects, build defensive trenches. These are the differences that make Fornite so HOT right now.

H1Z1: King of the Kill

If you are passionate about shooting action on free survival games for PC then this game is for you. When entering H1Z1: King of the Kill, the player’s heart will be in the same beat with extremely fast, very attractive gun battles in the game. To be the ultimate winner, concentration, assertiveness, no hesitation is a prerequisite.

Besides, when playing this free survival game you will be attracted by the realism, graphics, and extremely vivid sound in the game.

Dragon’S Sin

The game is set in the medieval earth, a period when all creatures are dominated by humans and dragons. While humans have the upper hand in terms of intelligence and magic, dragons are large and physically superior. So what will the game offer for you to fight?

After the dragons discovered that, eating humans they would be stronger, more mutated than before. That is the time when you fulfill your mission, fight mercilessly with them, and win for your fellow men. This is a free survival game for PC dragon theme 2019.