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Introduction to Titanfall and tips to effectively play this game

Titanfall is meticulously perfected by Respawn Entertainment with the online game mode. This game was initially exclusive to Xbox but later expanded on PS4, NS, and PC.

Titanfall revolves around the war between humans and machines with advanced weapons that you can hardly imagine. The game differs from PUBG in that the story and perspective are equipped for the game.

If PUBG can be played in TPP, Titanfall has only one game mode, FPP. This is completely reasonable because the third-person shooter is a bit unfair. Now that Titanfall has released its third version of Titanfall 3, you will have access to the Titan BT-7274. This is one of the most powerful machines piloted by Jack Cooper.

Because it is also a new game, very few players know the great tips of Titanfall. Check out these helpful tips that can help you win.

Between the distance between the other team’s Titans and you if you don’t want to lose your life. These robots have the ability to “rake” up half of your blood and armor plants in an instant. The game supports 12 players in the same game map, close-range guns are Titanfall’s advantage. So when you join the war do not be foolish but close combat if you are holding a gun to aim.

Titanfall is meticulously perfected by Respawn Entertainment

The game has many different game modes for you to choose from such as Amped Hardpoint, Bounty Hunt, Pilot vs. Pilot, Free for all, Titan Brawl … Each mode will have different difficulty as well as rules, if you are new to playing, you should choose Amped Hardpoint. No need to fight much, just keep the team position and you will win.

Try to find yourself an Archer Heavy Rocket, Mag Launcher, Charge Rifle, or Sidewinder if you want to quickly cast the enemy Titan into scrap metal.

Don’t rely too much on the Titans because they are slow and have limited vision. It is best to fight with the Titan pilot that you are playing with Titan only really effective in the first 5 seconds of being revived after death. Burn Card is quite eye-catching, but it will be a surprise gift for the opponent.

Shooter games

Top shooter games of all time that you should try at least once (Part 3)


Also worthy of the legends on this list as Half-Life, CoD, or Battlefield have been mentioned before. Halo is Microsoft’s best-selling game ever, saying so to see how HALO has an impact on the gaming market.

The game brings a lot of emotions to gamers when it is mentioned. The character Master Chief is probably the most memorable thing in this game.


Titanfall game has all the elements of a super game title, top-notch configuration, impressive gameplay, and engaging storyline. Titanfall deserves a place in this list.

The game has a great mechanism, you will play the pilots who are fighting on the battlefield, and when needed call a Titan down to climb into the control. It sounds good to hear, if anyone has seen the movie Pacific Rim, Titanfall will be the next destination for you.

Medal of Honor

Among the battlefield games, MoH is one of the favorite games, featured in the war FPS games. Medal of Honor is definitely the legendary game that many of you have plowed day and night without getting bored.

With the upcoming Above and Beyond version in 2020, MoH promises to return to the old times with the very promising improvements.


With a total of 4 major versions ever released, Killzone is one of the very successful shooters. Killzone is well received by many players around the world.

The game has a variety of gameplay, both stealth kill and combat, all coordinated very smoothly through each scene, which will definitely make players extremely excited when performing the task.


This extremely competitive game is still one of the strongest eSports to date. Certainly, the name Counter-Strike is no longer strange whether you are a shooter or not.

The last series was the extremely successful series in the shooter game, the “boss” really loved over the years. Let’s take a quick look to see if there is any game yet, try it now! We wish you have moments of extremely magical shooting.