Shooter games

4 attractive third-person shooters to try on PC

If you are a fan of shooting games with a 3rd perspective, the following 5 names will definitely not disappoint you.


Vanquish is a third-person action and shooting game. The game was first released by the duo PlatinumGames and Sega in 2010 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The game possesses a fast rhythm, bold action and many similarities with the hem of Bayonetta.

Besides the attractive content and gameplay, another point that makes Vanquish a lot of attention is that this game requires low configuration. Just owning a mid-range computer, you can experience this game perfectly without worrying much.


Mafia II has set a real standard, a monument in mafia-themed games. The plot of Mafia II is like a perfect machine with each complementary gears, promoting each other, the following details explain the details first, something we often see in highly regarded movies.

Mafia II has set a real standard, a monument in mafia-themed games

In the 1940s there were soft lyrical songs, and the decade after, the appearance of rock and roll. In addition, players can also find Playboy magazines around the city. The magazines that players pick up are real and they can watch for curiosity.

Like Red Dead Redemption, Mafia II allows players to hide behind obstacles and shoot down enemies. Enemies also have a similar stealth ability, requiring the player to think of ways to remove the shields for the opponent. In addition, the game also features a aiming assist so that when players rush out, they can quickly aim and perform the perfect head-shot.


Two million copies sold on the first week of release, ranked 23rd on Metacritic’s list of best games of all time (14th on GameRankings), voted IGN best game on console of the 10 Last year … All of the above numbers partly speak to the success of Mass Effect 2. If you have never tried this game once, this is really a regret throughout your gaming career.

Resident Evil 4

If someone asked which Resident Evil version was the best, almost 90% of the respondents would claim to be season 4 (released in 2005). The game is a delicate combination of horror and action style, as well as Capcom’s unique character creation.

A compelling story like a Hollywood movie, a great graphic platform blending with an unmistakable gameplay style, all makes a perfect Resident Evil 4. Capcaom has kept its promise when not making fans disappointed with a product with excellent quality.