Shooter games

The appeal of some addictive shooter games on PC (Part 2)

2. Rush Team

To evaluate the shooter Rush Team, it is difficult to have a good PC game with quality. Rush Team is perfectly equipped from beautiful graphics, realistic sound to creative gameplay with a first-person perspective.

In the game, there are many traditional elements similar to other shooters such as direct attack weapons, rifles, pistols, or grenades.

Do not miss the great game experience at Free For All mode, which is free with many modern features and equipment not inferior to an upgraded VIP account.

3. Red Crucible: Firestorm

The game Red Crucible: Firestorm has a similar theme to other PC  shooters, only with some differences such as slow shooting, war, and military themes.

The game Red has a similar theme to other PC shooters

In particular, the most attractive point of the game is the different game mode – Team Deathmatch or Conquer. With this mode, players can effectively attack or defend static targets. However, to experience this game smoothly, you should make sure to buy a very good quality PC with a stable configuration.

4. Warmerise: Red vs. Blue

The attraction of the game Warmerise: Red vs. Blue does not come from epic graphic effects, but on the contrary, the game also has a bit of nostalgia similar to online shooters from the 90s like Counter-Strike and Quake. Players appreciate the balance of the game.

Additionally, Warmerise: Red vs. Blue also offers 3 basic combat modes from single, team to Rambo with a full map and weapon system. Players can easily match matches at any time if they want.

5. Wolfenstein 3D

Considered as a precursor to modern shooters, so far Wolfenstein 3D has not lost its appeal thanks to the classic retro shooter style, epic scene, easily fascinated any gamer.

In the context of the game, the content revolves around the role of an Allied spy tasked with destroying Nazi soldiers. The gameplay of the Wolfenstein 3D game is quite simple but the experience is unforgettable. Currently, the game maker Wolfenstein 3D also offers a free experience version for players.

So above are attractive shooters on PC introduced to players. Hopefully, these good games will be the ideal choice, not making the shooter fans disappointed.

Shooter games

Top addictive online shooting games on the ultimate web for PC (Part 2)

Red Crucible: Firestorm

Red Crucible: Firestorm has a similar theme to the online shooters on the web above. The game is slow-paced, with a military and war theme. In particular, Red Crucible: Firestorm has a very different game mode.

Team Deathmatch is the most favorite player mode, followed by Conquer. This mode allows attacking or defending static targets. Although this is a pretty good game and can be played on a web browser, to run smoothly, your network and your PC must be pretty good.

Warmerise: Red vs. Blue

Warmerise: Red vs. Blue has a not too spectacular graphics style, the game has a lot of nostalgia from online 90’s shooters such as Quake and Counter-Strike. The game is pretty well balanced in terms of gameplay and player experience.

The game has a top 100 rank system that helps motivated players to plow to the top. This game has 3 basic fighting modes including Team battle, Single match, and Rambo with the gun system, quite a lot of map.

Besides these features, the game has a match mode that helps players to fight at any time. If you accept a 3D online shooter on the web with not too nice graphics, this is the game you choose.

Wolfenstein 3D

This is the game that players nicknamed as “grandfather” of modern 3D shooters. Wolfenstein 3D has a classic retro-style that everyone who loves FPS should play. This game is one of top shooter games of all time that you should try at least once.

You will play the role of an allied agent, the main task is to destroy Nazi soldiers and search for Fuhrer to fight. Although Wolfenstein 3D has simple gameplay, the game experience is very enjoyable.

Latest shooter

Initially, the game was only released on the MS-DOS platform, meaning gamers can only experience on DOS emulators like DOSBox. On the 20th anniversary of Wolfenstein 3D, producer Bethesda Softworks has released a version of this game on the web to help gamers experience it for free.


Above we have introduced to you the online shooting games on the web for pc. Hope these games are great options for those who love shooting games on the web. Have fun with these great games!