Shooter games

Top 9 best zombie shooting game to try on PC nowadays (Part 2)

5. Resident Evil series

Resident Evil Zombie Offline shooter series has long been a favorite of many gamers. The game is always challenging with legendary monsters. Especially Mr.X. is the perfect combination of zombie and puzzle game that makes Resident Evil worthy of becoming a legend in the hearts of many gamers.

6. Left for Dead series

Are you looking for an extreme 2-person Zombie shooter game? So don’t worry because of Left for Dead. This is a zombie shooter game in the co-op team genre. Although the game has also been released for a long time, it is still worth the challenge with gamers.

7. State of Decay series

Add a shooting game Zombie 3D extremely impressive with “sea” zombies in the game State of Decay. Players will fight with other players and survive against the zombies in the western United States. With unique and innovative weapons equipment, players will have a different experience compared to other zombie games.

8. World War Z

Zombie World War Z is an addictive shooter game. In the game, you will be playing the role of a character joining the fight with your friends on the journey to find a cure for this evil disease.

The game content is adapted from the famous movie of the same name and World War Z promises to give players the experience of thrilling action and extremely stressful, suspenseful.

Zombie World War Z is an addictive shooter game

9. They Are Billions

If you have to play the game by yourself, don’t be afraid to try They Are Billions right away. Your mission in the game needs to build a solid defense system to be ready against the coming waves of zombies. The setting in the game is post-apocalyptic day and the battle with zombies is worth the test of your courage.


Above is a list of the best Zombie shooters in 2020 for brave gamers and are not afraid to challenge themselves. You can choose to play alone or team up with your teammates to experience the impressive moments with these Top 9 cool games!

Shooter games

Top 9 best zombie shooting game to try on PC nowadays (Part 1)

Zombie shooters are often quite attractive and well-received by many gamers thanks to the fascinating storyline as well as the drama of the game. In the article below, we will summarize the Top 9 most popular zombie shooting games evaluated by players.

If you love shooting games and horror games, this Zombie shooting game is especially suitable for you. Let’s learn and experience the good games for this PC everyone.

1. The Walking Dead series

The first zombie shooter introduced was The Walking Dead with the plot adapted from the movie of the same name, with some tweaks to suit the game genre. Deserve to be 1 of the 14 best Zombie games for PC today.

The Walking Dead game series attract many players

Players will play the role of the little girl Clementine, on the journey to protect her brother from the hungry zombies. On the way to the run, they had to face many things and had to make vital decisions. 

2. The Last of Us

The Last of Us and one of the shooter games Zombie Online are highly appreciated by many gamers, from the quality of graphics to the gameplay mode and engaging storyline. This game will be one of the must-play titles for Halloween night. Upcoming producer The Last of Us is also expected to release the second part of the game.

3. Dying Light

Unlike The Last of Us, the Dying Light game is not too focused on the plot, but when playing this ghost shooter mainly tests the skills of gamers. Skills range from the ability to manage resources and craft weapons for combat.

This game is quite picky about players because the weapon making phase usually takes a lot of time. But once you like it, gamers can play without getting bored.

4. Dead Rising series

Each zombie shooting game will have its attraction, as with Dead Rising, the number of zombies is overwhelming. Players will seem overwhelmed by the huge number of zombies in Dead Rising amidst the vast, desolate city setting. In your hand only a gun and in front of you is a sea of ​​zombies rushing to challenge. Note, this game is not the ideal choice for the faint of heart.