Top 10 best shooting games for PC in 2020 that should not be ignored (Part 1)

The PC shooting games always give players extremely dramatic and exciting moments. It can be said that shooting games are the series with the most fans. And the majority of people who fight these games have a pretty young age.

Due to the attraction of the shooting game genre is extremely large, so many new shooting games are released every day. With some up to millions of games, finding a suitable and attractive game is extremely difficult. Especially having to find offline titles or for light PC is becoming more difficult.

PUBG is one of the best shooting games for PC in 2020

After a stressful working day or a hard working week, it is very interesting to experience a game you love with your friends. It not only helps you relax your mind but also can practice your gaming skills.

Besides, it also helps you get to know and meet new friends from many different regions. To help you quickly find the game you like, we will share the list of the best PC Shooting Games of the Year (Online & Offline). With this list, I hope to help you have a complete and new game experience.

1. PUBG Mobile & PUBG Lite

Surely many of you wonder why we share PUBG Mobile version instead of PUBG. As you all know, the PUBG PC version is very heavy and only suitable for high-profile computers.

If you are using a computer with mid-range configuration or lower, it is best to use the PUBG Mobile version. More importantly, this version is completely free and has the same gameplay as the PC version.

PUBG Mobile & PUBG Lite have been played by millions of gamers

Although it is a mobile game, the game developer has released a separate version for computer users. You do not need to use an emulator software to battle the game but can fight the game directly.

PUBG Mobile gives players extremely dramatic battles and brain stress. Your only mission is to try to stay alive and defeat your opponents to get the highest position. If you do not like the PUBG Mobile version, you can use the PUBG Lite version.