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Top addictive online shooting games on the ultimate web for PC (Part 1)

First-person shooter (FPS) is the most popular game genre in the world. It can be said through some familiar names such as Call of Duty, Halo, PUBG. These are the most played shooters in gaming history. But the drawback of most of these games is that they only install on PC and play online. So you can’t always play.

In this article, we would like to recommend you some attractive online shooters on the web. These games help players to be online anytime as long as they have a web browser.

Contract Wars

Contract Wars is a very attractive first-person online PC shooter on the web with rich storyline and content. The game has 5 team modes, many different maps, and more than 60 unique weapons for you to experience.

In order to play Contract Wars, players need to have the skills and ability to coordinate the team to maximize their abilities. The game allows players to deploy many different strategies.

Rarely have online shooters on the web with nice graphics like Contract Wars. Although quite a lot of gamers complain about this online shooter (use the money to win or buy power in the game).

But if you are free and don’t care much about equipment or power then Contract Wars is a worthwhile web shooter. A special feature that makes the attraction of CW is that it runs smoothly on the web.

Rush Team

If we use a brief word to evaluate this shooter, we would describe it with the word excellent quality. Do not expect the game to have super nice graphics, surreal sound effects, or creative gameplay in RT. Enjoy Rush Team from a traditional shooter perspective.

Rush Team is appreciated in the gameplay. Joining the game, you will see that they have the same elements as other online shooters such as melee weapons, pistols, rifles, grenades…

According to many gamer reviews, turn the game on in Free For mode. All will play best. And for sustained revenue, the game has some good features and equipment for VIP accounts. But if you don’t have a lot of money, this game is still worth playing.